Make a baby… or die trying – funny video uncovers the wacky world of trying to conceive

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It’s one of the most natural things in the world – making a baby. But sometimes it doesn’t come naturally. Sometimes the months can drag on and on and that extra pink line never shows up. Come and share a laugh at a video that takes us to places where most parents have gone before – behind the scenes of baby-making.

Let’s face it – sometimes, sex can be a chore, especially when you are trying for a baby. BuzzFeed are known for their hilarious couples’ videos and their latest video is no exception. The three-minute video tackles some of the most relatable moments in the lead-up to a positive pregnancy test.

How many of these do you admit to doing?

  • Buying multiple packs of pregnancy tests.
  • Leaving a glass of pee on the bathroom counter.
  • Trying to entice your husband into bed with sexy lingerie.
  • Googling sex positions that are proven to help make a baby.
  • Lying with your feet in the air to try and keep the sperm in.
  • Carrying on a conversation while in the act.
  • Checking your phone in the middle of the deed.
  • Having sex when you are sick, exhausted or in a fight with your partner, simply because you are ovulating.
  • Having sex during a television commercial so you don’t miss any part of the show.

baby makig two

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“Are you playing Candy Crush right now?…”


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