What do real mums think of the new InfaSecure Arlo Travel System?

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Earlier this year we gave away three revolutionary new Arlo Travel Systems, and we asked the three lucky winners to give us their opinions on the products. If you’re in the market for a stroller and infant carrier that can work as a travel system, step right this way to find out what real families think.

There’s nothing quite like a road test with a real family to see just how well a baby product lives up to its reputation. In conjunction with InfaSecure we gave three Arlo Travel Systems away, including the Infant Carrier and Arlo Stroller (one ISOFIX and one non-ISOFIX), worth up to $1080 per system. The lucky babies who got to test the Arlo for us were a newborn, a five-month-old and a 12-month-old, proving just how versatile this new travel system is.

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Arlo Stroller

When in the bassinet mode, our three reviewers found the Arlo stroller had plenty of room even for larger babies, and loved that the baby can be harnessed. One of our mums said, “I love the bassinet mode. I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was to convert into a bassinet”.

All three also loved the rearward facing mode, both for its ease of use and allowing parents to have eye contact with their babies, particularly when they’re tired and need reassurance.  One reviewer commented, “On previous strollers I’ve had to detach the seat and physically turn it round. I love that you just change the handle over.”

Likewise, forward facing was also a winner – allowing the children to sit up straight, giving them a good view.

The ease of switching between modes was given the thumbs up by the reviewers, who said it was a smooth transition: “I found it very easy to clip and unclip to convert from seat to bassinet. The handle is easy to manoeuvre from back to front to change from rearward to forward facing.”

The luxurious leather handle bar was welcomed by our mums, as was the adjustable height. Each found it reached the perfect height for men as well as women, and also left plenty of room for walking comfortably.

Each reviewer found the stroller a breeze to push, saying it glided easily and felt light. One of our mums even said, “I wish I had this stroller years ago for my others, as it’s a smooth ride for bub and he loves sleeping in it.”

The Arlo stroller’s compact fold garnered applause from our reviewers, leaving plenty of room in the boot for shopping and other baby-related paraphernalia.

Our three mums adored the Arlo stroller’s adaptable design – with its interchangeable hoods and inserts. Overall the sleek design and handy features meant this stroller was literally given rave reviews.

“It is so simple and easy to use and I know I’ll be raving about it to everyone. It looks great and is really smooth and compact.”


Arlo Infant Carrier

Of course, a travel system isn’t a travel system without a car seat. We also gave our reviewers Arlo Infant Carriers to road test. They found it “a breeze” to transition the seat from the car to the pram and vice versa, one mum saying she was able to, “click and go without disturbing the baby”.

The reviewers found the Arlo Infant Carrier worked well in their vehicles, leaving enough room for other passengers and child car seats.

The design was a winner with our mums, who loved the ability to personalise it with different inserts. They also found their babies were very comfortable travelling in the carrier, and that there was plenty of room to grow. The mums also loved its lightweight design, and would recommend the carrier because of its safety features and comfort level. We’ll give our reviewers the final word: “I love the extra room or feel that the carrier has compared to my old one … so very pleased and happy!”

To browse the Arlo range, or to find a retailer near you, head to InfaSecure.

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