5 fascinating sperm facts you need to share with your partner

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Ok, ladies who want to make babies – it’s business time (so to speak). You may know absolutely everything about when you ovulate, your most fertile days and how best to prepare yourself for pregnancy – but when it comes to the baby dance, it takes two to tango! Here are five interesting sperm facts to share with your partner, including a way to get those swimmers in tip top condition.

Women obviously focus on their own health when trying to conceive, but you’ll never get there without a crucial element – sperm. Quality, quantity, what it does, how it works – it’s all important and your partner is actually able to influence some of it. So here’s what you need to know:

1. He’s producing sperm all the time. And plenty of it.

Studies have shown that the average fertile fella can produce 1500 sperm cells per second. That’s each and every second. Just a warning that this fun fact will now be employed any time you ask your partner what he’s doing.

2. And he will continue producing it

Women are well aware of that ever-ticking clock – we are born with all the eggs we will ever have. But men will continue to produce sperm for their entire lives. While their swimmers may get sluggish and their DNA less stable as they age, they will never run out of sperm.

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3. Not all sperm know where they’re going!

Men like to joke about women and directions – but here’s a sensational sperm fact: many of the little guys get lost along the way. They swim in circles, or wander around aimlessly. Luckily there are usually quite a few that have their sat nav programmed correctly.

4. Not all sperm are created equal

Men might like to think that all of their little guys are perfect, but it’s not the case. In fact, the majority of sperm are deformed, with two heads or misshapen tails. Thankfully, it only takes one healthy sperm to make a baby.

5. A man can influence the quality of his sperm

Just as women can make lifestyle changes to get their bodies ready for conception and pregnancy, men are able to do a number of things to ensure their sperm are at optimal performance level. In fact, they may even have more control over their fertility than women do, since they are making new sperm all the time. The quality of sperm can be impacted by things like drinking alcohol, or too much coffee, smoking or poor diet. These lifestyle changes can be really important in helping boost sperm quality.



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