Change it up with Keekaroo’s Peanut Diaper Changer

Posted in Parenting Essentials.

You lay your sweet baby down on the old faithful changing pad because for the fifth time today, they have pooped. Unfortunately it’s an explosion and not the quick and easy clean up you hoped for. In your mission to successfully change your little one (who, by the way, doesn’t care if they are thrashing about in their own business) somehow your changing pad is now a mess, and you just washed the cover yesterday.

Made in the USA from state-of-the-art, Dura-Soft material, the Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changer has been designed for an easy clean up with a strong, waterproof outer shell that limits bacteria growth and deterioration. While the traditional changing pad may do the job, the covers and extra padding are not always impermeable to fluids. The Peanut Changer has no need for any extra padding or covers, which means no more having to run a load of washing after every messy nappy change, just a quick wipe down and you’re done.


Keekaroo understand the importance of durability and the Peanut Changer is up for the task of the everyday demands it will face. Comfort is of course essential as is safety for your little peanut, with soft to the touch material, a safety strap and slip resistance, Keekaroo has it covered. Its strong outer shell protects it from tears, peels and punctures which is a definite plus.

The changing pad comes with a five year warranty and is available in a range of vibrant colours for US$98. Contact Keekaroo directly for shipping queries.


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