“A dream come true” – Couple become parents thanks to ‘Win a Baby’ contest

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A Florida couple are now parents to a beautiful baby boy after winning a round of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) in a radio competition.

In 2017, Krista and Anthony Rivera were the winners of a ‘Win a Baby’ radio competition hosted by Florida’s B103.9, which asked women to send in videos of themselves explaining why they would be a great mum for a chance to receive a free round of IVF and all the medication needed.

“We certainly don’t know how to do anything the easy way, but we are still blessed beyond measure,” Krista Rivera told B103.9 in August.

‘Win a baby’

Before entering the contest, Anthony was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Doctors told him he wouldn’t be able to have children after chemotherapy treatments. So, they froze his sperm with the hopes of one day undergoing IVF to have a baby.

Despite their plans, the cost of IVF on top of Anthony’s medical bills was too much.

In the US, a round of IVF on average costs US$20,000 a cycle and is generally not covered by insurance, according to CNN

So, this surprise win could not have come at a better time for Krista and Anthony.

Video credit: CBS This Morning

It’s a boy!

In August, after a long labour, Krista gave birth to a baby boy named Garrett.

Sharing the details of her birth with B103.9, Krista says, “The doctors began induction procedures on Monday evening, and after 55 hours of labour, this handsome little man made his very dramatic entrance.”

Garrett had turned sideways and “suffered shoulder dystocia”. Scarily, the little man was born with a broken arm and wasn’t breathing.

“I have never been so terrified in my life. Thankfully he quickly began breathing on his own, and they let me see him for a brief moment before whisking him away to the NICU.

“Three days in the NICU seemed like a lifetime, but the nurses and doctors took excellent care of him and he’s finally home. Garrett, we love you more than we could ever explain.”

“We’re so happy to have our little family”

Now, the couple are home and getting to know their baby and say they couldn’t be happier.

“Without the contest, we definitely would not have been able to have our dream of having a baby,” Krista told WFTX.

“This is really a dream come true. We never thought we’d have our miracle and we’re so happy to have our little family.”

And for any other couple out there struggling with their fertility, Krista says to “keep fighting”.

“It’s so worth it, so keep fighting. I know it’s hard it’s never easy, but it’s worth it.”


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