How Frozen’s Elsa and Anna encourage Kristen Bell’s kids not to be naughty

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Kristen Bell has carved a special place in preschooler’s hearts so it’s interesting to note that her Frozen character Anna is also an excellent disciplinarian.

What would Elsa do?

Speaking to People magazine ahead of the launch of Frozen 2, Kristen admitted that while her own role is not an absolute favourite with her girls, Anna still comes in very useful by association.

If her daughters — six-year-old Lincoln and four-year-old Delta – are squabbling, she’ll remind them of their manners in a very Frozen way.

“I will go like, ‘Well, Elsa would have never said that to Anna,’” she explains. “Literally! I’ll go, ‘What do you think Anna and Elsa would do about wanting to share this toy?’”

It’s an Elsa-powered twist on the usual manners reminders because that’s what has her girls sitting up and taking notice.

“Their favourite is Elsa. They both love Elsa,” Kristen confirms.

Let it go-oooooo!

This technique has not always been quite so successful because Lincoln and Delta — whose dad is actor Dax Shepard — weren’t originally huge Frozen fans.  

(Thankfully things have slowly gathered momentum and the old ‘What Would Elsa Do?’ approach is now proving excellently effective!)

“When they first saw Frozen they liked it, but didn’t love it,” Kristen admits, putting this down to the usual eye-rolling kids direct at their oldies. 

But they had little hope of avoiding the franchise. It’s everywhere, especially if you’re of preschool age.

“[Now] they like it very much and they do sometimes get dressed as the characters,” The Good Place star reveals.

Sworn to secrecy

Bell’s daughters are super lucky to be on the inside of this animated classic, because they’ve both already sampled a special preview of Frozen 2!

“They do know the entire plotline of the second film and all the songs. I have yet to make them sign an NDA, so we’re dancing on razorblades over here,” Kristen quipped.

Frozen 2 hits Australian cinemas on 28 November. Not long to wait now!!

(We’re pretending NOT to be annoyed that it’s out in the US today. Sigh.)

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