The reason Kristen Bell brazenly lies to her kids about their birthdays

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In these times of ‘sometimes foods‘ and ‘forever names’ actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have launched the all new ‘whenever-birthday’ – and their kids are none the wiser.

Introducing the whenever-Birthday!

The couple are parents to two little girls – three-year-old Delta and five-year-old Lincoln – and they’ve been very vocal about the best-intentions-but-sometimes-bumbling approach to marriage and parenthood.

Their latest offering – as told to US The Today Show – revealed that their kids’ birthdays are a bit of a grey area at their place, and can even be rescheduled to a whole other day. Wait, what?!

This surprising birthday twist was discovered when hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb asked The Good Place star if she had ever lied to the kids about what time it is (for instance, telling them that it was time to hit the hay two hours earlier than their usual bedtime.)

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Guilty as charged

Kristen said she had lied about the time – and that she’s stretched the truth in other ways, too. #brazen

“I’ve also lied to them about when their birthday is,” Kristen admitted. 

“Well, like, if it’s a Wednesday, and we can’t celebrate and we’re both working late, then guess what? Your birthday is Saturday!”

She figures that this flexible approach to birthdays means they can make these special days MUCH more fun – and make sure everyone is on hand to eat cake and bestow gifts and make a big fuss of the birthday kid.

Kristen reasoned that this works out well for everyone and anyway … ignorance is bliss. 

“They don’t know!” she points out.

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Nerd alert!!! The team Shepard loves school!! ???

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Truth tellers

That said, the pair are keen to tell the truth when it matters most – like when they take their girls to school and daycare.

“Our preschool gave us language to say, ‘You know, mommies always come back’ and that’s very helpful, because then they have that as a mantra.”

This gang of four are very close-knit. Aside from some shifty birthday shuffling, it’s an all-for-one and one-for-all approach.

“I’m rarely away. We always travel as a tribe,” Kristen told Today. “My husband and I only take work — when it’s out of the city — when we can travel together.”

10 featured teachers

A few days ago, the mum of two shared another delightful Kristen Bell thing. She committed to featuring ten great teachers on her Instagram account sharing their stories and helping them fulfil their Amazon wishlists, so that they can do their jobs even more brilliantly.

Teachers have already written in, sharing a little more of themselves and appealing for help to provide some of the simplest things to kids in their classes. Kristen’s posting the link to these teachers’ wish lists in her Instagram bio every day, so her followers can pitch in and make a real difference.

“Students at my school really need basic supplies,” one teacher writes. “Recently a student told me she couldn’t come to school when it was raining because she has to walk and she and her sisters don’t have umbrellas, so umbrellas are on my list too. Thanks for helping teachers!”

“Our current lab supplies are limited to poorly aligned (mirrored) microscopes, sticky triple beam balances, and whatever materials I can scrounge from home or the local grocery store!” another teacher explained. “My kids deserve so much more! Thank you!”

What a fantastic initiative – and an excellent example of a celebrity hacking their public profile for the greater good. #Brilliant


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