Amazing birth photo literally turns labour upside down

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An amazing photo shared on Instagram shows a whole other way to “create space” during childbirth and it’s a position recommended to ease pregnancy pain as well. 

Instagrammer Mother Down Under reposted the image as a brilliant example of active labour positions.

“We talk a lot about optimising your baby’s position so your baby can navigate your pelvis more easily. There are so many techniques you can use both in pregnancy and during labour to create space and help your baby make their way through those bones (this mama is doing a forward-leaning inversion).”

They’d shared an image first posted on Instagram by Chelsea of Golden Yogi Mama. Uploading the shot of her baby boy Auden’s birth in May last year, Chelsea explained: “My birth team helped me so much to bring this little guy into the world and that includes crazy inversions for better fetal positioning.”

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Why tho, Chelsea?

What are the benefits of tipping yourself upside down as Chelsea did?

“The forward-leaning inversion is designed to untwist ligaments in the uterus and cervix,” foetal positioning experts Spinning Babies say. “The idea being that this will help the baby’s head be better position and aid the dilation of the cervix.”

During pregnancy, this position may also help provide relief from pressure on the back, hips and tailbone.

You can find instructions here BUT note that while this position provides a host of benefits, pregnant people should approach with caution. Be sure to chat with your doctor or midwife if you’re planning to bust it out as it’s not suitable for everyone.


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