Baby on board! Pic of hero waitress mum carrying tot at work goes viral

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A photo of a hardworking waitress mum carting her toddler on her back as she mums AND works has gone viral – and we are so loving it.

Baby on board

In one telling pic, mum and waitress Kori Dotson has proven that mums really do wear capes, and also that we are the multitasking queens.

When her boss called at the last minute to see if she was available for a shift, Kori had a dilemma. She couldn’t find a babysitter in such a short space of time, so she simply asked her boss if she could bring her little boy Rhody into work with her.

Grateful Kori was able to help him, he was only too happy to have Rhody along for the ‘ride’ – on her back while she did her busy shift at the Greenback Drug Store and Diner in Tennessee.

Update: The news channels have contacted me and would like to honor her. Alot have asked were this diner is ..well it is…

Posted by Kelly Gentry on Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Multitasking to a whole new level

The pic of Kori and her happy two-year-old in his carrier as she busily clears tables was snapped by customer, Kelly Gentry, who was clearly awestruck by the amazing working mum.

She shared the image on Facebook, writing:

“Shout out to this awesome mom doing what it takes to make ends meet and shout out to her work for allowing her to bring him!” she wrote.

Little hands make light work

In an interview with Yahoo, Kelly says at first she didn’t even realise the hardworking mum had a little ‘helper’ on her back.

“She apologised, but I told her, ‘Don’t be sorry — you’re amazing!’ She was teaching her son the value of work at such a young age,” she says.

Kori went on to tell Yahoo in an interview about the pic, that has since gone viral, that her boy was enjoying helping his mum. He was busy wiping down tables, rolling cutlery in napkins and setting the tables. Sweet!

“He also passed out menus, refilled the sugar bowls, and held the dustpan while I swept,” she said.

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Mums cheer her on

Parents everywhere are now thanking Kori and her boss for promoting flexibility and also how, where possible, it’s so great for everyone if we can work around our kids, and not the other way around.

“Bravo mum … may you and your employer be an inspiration,” wrote one follower.

Another said: “Great job Greenback Diner for empowering this mum to work instead of shaming her for having a child!”

“Makes me want to go there just to give her a big tip!” added another.

We hope Kori gets a nice Christmas bonus this year and hats off to working parents everywhere who are doing a great job at parenting AND working.


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