‘Teary Bickmore’ – Carrie Bickmore sobbing ahead of birth of third bub

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The birth of Carrie Bickmore and partner Chris Walker’s new bub is imminent and the high-profile mum is sorting through some complex emotions as she officially heads off on maternity leave.

Triple threat

Carrie finished up on The Project desk last week admitting, “I am so excited and (slightly terrified!!) heading off to have another bub and spend precious time with my beautiful family … Looking forward to having my head out of the news cycle and into smelly nappies.”

This week she’s hung up her radio show mic as well. In Carrie’s final appearance on the Hit Network’s Carrie and Tommy afternoon show, the soon to be mum-of-three opened up about the shifting family dynamics in her neck of the woods.

She explained that while her kids, eleven-year-old Ollie and three-year-old Evie, have differing views on baby number three, they’re united in so many other adorable ways.

“Ollie thinks we’re having a boy,” Carrie explained, “and Evie thinks we’re having a girl so one of them is going to be very disappointed and one very excited.”

“They’re so cute together,” she continued. “They’re a little team. He (Ollie) never thought he was going to get a baby brother or sister and then he got a little sister and they’re seven years apart … They’re joined at the hip.”

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Things are so cosy between the pair, that Carrie wonders if adding another baby into the mix will change things for the worse.

“I know families of three,” she noted, “and I know they’ll all love each other so much, but I don’t want anything to happen to their bond. So it makes me a little sad.”

“Hope they stay super close”

It’s clear that this popular celebrity mum is working through some big feelings as she readies herself for the birth of baby number three. She shared some heartfelt thoughts on Instagram earlier this week, again celebrating the bond between her kids.

“Love watching these two do life together,” she posted alongside two shots of Evie and Ollie together. “Despite the seven-year gap they are so close. I am laying in bed at 6.30pm (gotta love maternity leave!) thinking about how their relationship might change a little when number three arrives. Hope they stay super close.”

Teary Bickmore

It’s the latest in Carrie’s ‘Teary Bickmore’ series. Last week a very sad book had her feeling all at sea.

“Scared the hell out of my family – they thought something bad had happened!!!” she wrote on Instagram next to a photo of herself post-cry.  “Just me being a hormonal mess! And yes that is snot dripping out of my nose, since you are all asking. The book was called The Mothers’ Group! (Don’t want to give away the ending).”

We wish Carrie a much less teary final few weeks (days?!) of this pregnancy and can’t wait to hear more about this new little one when the time is right.


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