This tech-ed up, super cute comfort toy will NEVER be left behind

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If you’ve ever ventured onto social media, you’ve probably seen at least one story about a lost comfort toy. It’s usually a super-soft and slightly bumped up object and when they are mislaid parent and child are often equally distressed.

Smart snuggles

In a sign of what’s to come with treasured belongings, the Joey Trackable Comforter is here!

It’s snuggly as all heck and comes with inbuilt technology that pairs with your phone – and helps you track your little one’s precious comfort toy down.

Joey trackable comforter 

The tracking device is securely stowed in a special pocket that can’t be open by little hands (it needs a paper clip to unlock it). It can be paired with iPhones or Android phones.

The Joey’s device “uses low energy and safe Bluetooth, and has been tested and passed all safety requirements for Australia and New Zealand,” its makers say.

Joey trackable comforter

Despite its tech capabilities, this toy is built for comfort. It’s crafted from gentle, breathable bamboo and cotton – and is super soft to the touch.

It’s waterproof too, just in case someone decides to take Joey for an unplanned dip.

If Joey goes missing at home or when you’re out and about, the app will help you locate it and return it safely to your child’s waiting arms.

You simply press an icon on the toy’s app and technology does the rest (up to a distance of 50 metres.) The Joey will ring until you find it and let the app know that all is well.

Joey trackable comforter

A world first

“We are so excited to bring this to Australia. It’s a world first and has pushed the boundaries of design and technology,”  ergoPouch director and founder Alina Sack says.

“Attachment to a comforter is a beautiful thing. The Joey will become your babe’s best bud, a comfort in times of stress, a cue for sleep and a fun playmate.”

And don’t forget … pretty hard to lose too!

The Joey Trackable Comforter retails for $39.95.

 Joey trackable comforter

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