The soft toy that every new baby needs (and every new parent wants!)

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If you have been pondering a baby shower or new baby gift and were not really sure where to begin looking then you’ll be thrilled you’ve landed on this story.

Bunny business

We’ve cut straight to the chase with the perfect baby gift – the very gorgeous Jellycat bunnies. They’re the soft toy that every new baby needs, and every new parent wants. And even some NON-parents are very, very keen on them.

Jellycat bunnies are cute, cuddly and very collectable and all the cleverest babies are snuggling up to them.

This sweet guy (below) is the bestseller. He’s super soft and comes in this gentle beige colour making him the perfect neutral match for any nursery decor. Bashful Beige Bunny comes in sizes ranging from 108cm tall right down to a shrimpy 13cm in height. This style also comes in 14 other lovely colours.

Bashful Beige Jellycat BunnyJellycat BunniesJellycat Bunny Jellycat Bunny

Apart from these squishy, unadorned bunnies, this brand does some lovely accessorised bunnies as well.

There’s Arabesque Bunny who sports those signature giant floppy ears, but also comes dressed in a pretty pink tutu. 

Jellycats Arabesque Bunny

And the adorable Blossom Bunny features super pretty floral contrasts on the feet and ears. This bunny comes in a bunch of different colours and sizes too.

Blossom Bunny Jellycat

And some of the bunnies are part toy and part nursery must-have.

For instance, what baby wouldn’t love this Bashful Beige Bunny Soother? It’s a rabbit and blankie combo that’s guaranteed to help little ones settle. It also comes in four other colours (pink, blue, white and silver).

Jellycat Bunny Soother

There are gorgeous booties adorned with tiny bunnies too! You can choose from pink or blue, depending on what your favourite baby might prefer. (We love the blue ones!)

Jellycat Bunny Booties Jellycat Bunny Booties

And if you’re keen to find a comforting pal for a newborn or older baby, but don’t want anything too heavyweight, then this breezy bunny muslin is pretty much perfect.

Jellycat Muslin Bunny Soother

Of course, you don’t have to be a baby to enjoy a bunny. There is nothing stopping grown-ups collecting these cuties too!


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