Carrie Bickmore and her fella dressed as Baby Sharks is our new favourite thing

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If you thought you’d seen every incarnation of Baby Shark-ness possible, then you had better think again!


Carrie Bickmore has taken things up a notch because she, along with her partner Chris Walker, have donned their best Baby Shark garb over the weekend in the name of fun times.

The pair  — who are parents to 12-year-old Oliver (Carrie’s son with late husband Greg Lange), 4-year-old Evie and 1-year-old Addie  — got all snappy in the name of a ‘B’ themed party.

They enthusiastically busted out the plush shark onesies and, as Instagram reveals, Boomerang-ed their best Baby Shark moves.

Not only did they shark up extra-fuzzily, they even added a couple of dummies to help other party punters make sense of their outfits. Please, no quips about a couple of dummies!

There is no word as yet on how Carrie’s kiddos responded to this turn of events, but what we do know is that The Project host’s followers were very keen on Carrie-as-Shark.

“Look great guys but I will curse your name at 3am when I can’t get that bloody song out of my head!!” someone commented. #relatable!

“Adorable sharkies,” another fan wrote. “Brilliant idea. Hope it’s not too hot in those suits!”

“Do you do christenings and 1st birthday parties?” one follower quipped.

The B word

While this Baby Shark concept was pretty extra, some Carrie followers thought there was a much more obvious and less claustrophobic ‘B’ theme right at Carrie’s fingertips.

“Why didn’t you just do a Bickmore? You may have been a little more comfortable,” one fan posted.

“Awesome effort especially as you could have gone as a B for Bickmore,” another woman pointed out.

It’s all further proof that despite the burden of busy radio and TV careers, Carrie’s still just like other mums.

Whether it’s going all in on the latest toddler craze or whiling away the wee hours contacting school books (below), she’s dealing with a lot of the same stuff that we non-famous parents are navigating.

It’s no wonder she’s one of Australia’s most beloved mums.


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