Halloween SORTED! Get everyone (including the dog) a singing Baby Shark suit!

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If you’ve started trawling through Pinterest looking for inspo for what to dress your family in this Halloween, you can stop right now! Because we’ve just found the ultimate family dress-up.

Yep, Amazon is selling SINGING Baby Shark family costumes. And there’s even one for Doggy Shark!

“Doo-doo-doo …”

They sing!

As well as being the cutest costume idea ever, these sharks also sing!

That’s right, the family shark suits all come with audio chips that play the viral song. I know, I know, you thought you’d heard it enough, but really who can get enough of “Baby Shark ….”? Sorry (not sorry!) to put it in your head AGAIN.

The chip has a two hour battery life, which is probably plenty of time for your baby sharks to go on a sugar bender as they work their way through the neighbourhood trick-or-treating.

You can get all the range in adult and kids sizes so really there is no reason for the whole family not to get into the fun.

Kids shark costumes

Check them out!

Daddy Shark

The blue Daddy Shark costumes comes in both adult size and a kid’s version if your little one wants to be a big fish for the night.

Daddy shark costume

Mummy Shark

Mummy Shark is also available in an adult size. This child sizes range from toddler (3–4T) to small (4–6 child).

Mummy Shark costume

Baby Shark

The yellow suit is for littlest member of the sharky family. Awww.

Baby Shark costume

Doggy Shark!

Oh, and in case you plan on taking Rover with you as you walk the neighbourhood on Halloween, Rubi costumes also has a Doggy Shark suit.

It will set you back $17.99.

Doggy Shark costume

See? Halloween sorted and all before October even starts. Too clever, Mum!



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