Bring back anti-Lego slippers and fight stabby block injuries for good!

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Someone once invented anti-Lego slippers to fight stabby block injuries. And by someone, we mean Lego! Yup. They put their heads together and cleverly put those stabby foot injuries in their crosshairs, media site Bored Panda reported in 2016.

Protect your tootsies

As someone who has trodden on hundreds of Legos in my mum-of-three days, I am kind of outraged that this appears to be a one-off.

Bring them back!!! Lego and French ad agency Brand Station rustled up these limited edition slippers – which are specifically designed with a nicely padded soul to stave off those ouchy jabs. Genius.

They were a sort of promo gift for decimated Lego fans who had to fill out a Christmas wish list on the Lego France website to go into the running to snaffle a pair.

With only 1500 pairs on offer, the chances were a little slim, but those dead-of-night brick injuries had people scrambling to snap them up.

We’re guessing if you’ve ever found your living room floor awash with these colourful blocks then you’d be keen to have these slippers resurfaced. In fact, if we asked you we reckon you’d shout a hearty “OUI!!!”

Lego slippers

Owwwww, merde!

People on Twitter were divided over the merit of the anti-Lego Slippers when they emerged.

“Bad idea. This world NEEDS to feel the pain of stepping on legos. It’s traditional,” one tweeter posted.

“That’s the best thing I’ve seen all day why did it take 66 years for somebody to come up with that?” another asked.

“Otherwise known as shoes,” a third pointed out and honestly, he’s not wrong.

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