Sleepy Snoogus – adorable crochet toys that are helping to support Cambodian kids

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The Sleepy Snoogus are a productive bunch of soft toys. They provide Cambodian women with sustainable employment, contribute to an education fund for the women’s children, they give kids around the world something to snuggle… and they do it all with their eyes closed.

The Snoogus are the latest project from Phnom Penh-based Cambodia Knits and Melbourne-based Happily Made Monkeys, who work together to bring us these adorable crochet animals.

Snoogu being made

I’ll be honest, when I first saw these sweet soft toys I was a little bit jealous of them. Even in pictures, they look so warm, cuddly and peaceful that they made me wish I was the one taking a nap. With five different character options available, and made from 100 per cent natural yarn, the Snoogus are a great sleepy friend for your kids to cuddle.

kids with snoogus

Best of all, every time you buy one you’re helping to send a Cambodian child to school. Each Snoogu purchased helps fund education costs for a child of one of the women from Cambodia Knits. One Snoogu equals one month worth of education costs for a family – things like uniforms, books and extra tuition fees.

Snoogu hat

Cambodia Knits are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to train new crocheters and to support their producers to keep their children in school.

Help support them by picking up a Snuggly Snoogy hat for US$15, a Sleepy Snoogu for US$35, or by going the whole hog and getting five Snoogus and five Snuggly hats for US$225, which will support a family’s education costs for six whole months.


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