The very best Pinterest baby photo shoot fails in the history of ever

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What happens when non-professional photographers (and most likely sleep-deprived new parents) try to re-enact Pinterest photo shoots with their newborns?

Pure awkward hilariousness, that’s what.

Seriously, these photos are absolutely the best thing you will see all day. Unless you’re Anne Geddes. Then you’ll probably want to look away…

pinterest baby fail3

It looks so simple. Have baby. Check Pinterest for adorable newborn photo ideas. Stage similar shoot.

And then this happens.

pinterst baby fail1

Our mates over at Bored Panda documented the vast difference between Pinterest expectation versus reality with these Pinterest photo submissions fails from parents who have attempted to duplicate professional photo shoots and ended up, with, well, these gems instead.

pinterest baby fail 7

We all want to take beautiful pictures of our newborns to share on social media, frame and add to the baby book. And it looks so simple. But, if these amazing awkward photos teach us anything is that’s it takes more than a good idea to capture a great picture.

pinterest baby fail 9

Lighting, for example, has to be perfect.

pinterest baby fail 2

Well-placed props are also clearly important.  But not as important as the model actually doing what he/she is told. And clearly, these little ones didn’t get the memo.

pinterest baby fail 6

We’ve got this excellent submission from a mum who only wanted a nice shot of her little one sleeping in a jar of colourful lollies. I mean, how hard can it be? We especially love the attempt at the white background with the sheet draped over the lounge. Come on – we’ve all done it!

pinterest baby fail 13

Or how about this beautiful maternity photo shoot where the instructions to “stick out your belly like Mummy,” were clearly lost in translation.

pinterest baby fail 5

Putting baby into a pumpkin is going to take a little bit of carving skill. But taking a happy snap of the situation takes more skill than most would think.

pinterest baby fail 8
Or how about announcing the arrival of your little one with a beautiful Valentine-themed newborn shot to send to loved ones? This giant Hershey’s kiss photo will do.

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a large piece of chocolate on a scowling baby’s butt.

pinterest baby fail 10

Easter is another great occasion to get out the camera and duplicate Pinterest photo shoots.


pinterest fail 12

Or, how about going with something simple like a cute photo of bub popping his head through a towel? I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

pinterest fails 14

Well, the good news is that professional photographers everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that, despite Pinterest’s best efforts to make everyone DIY-divas, it is not working.

Check out some of our featured newborn photography that is failure-free. Sure, they may not be as funny, but they are raw, beautiful and eloquent – which is exactly what newborn photography is meant to look like.

(via Bored Panda)


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