Not a drill! A LEGO-style Bunnings set complete with sausage sizzle exists

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News just in that sadly Bunnings have been misleading us. Sigh.

It’s only $30!

We thought they sold everything we’d ever need to improve our homes. But this brilliant just-released Bunnings Building Block Warehouse — ready to craft from those wee plastic bricks — proves they didn’t always. But NOW they do!

We can all breathe easy because the Bunnings icing on the home improvement cake is go.

Yup. You can now spend the hours that Bunnings is closed PLAYING with your Bunnings playset. Or your kids can. * coughs *

The Bunnings Building Block Warehouse has 162 pieces and helpfully points out on the box that the blocks in this set are compatible with “other brands”.

Retailing for just $30, it’s sure to be thrown in the trolley of many a Bunnings shopper as they whizz up and down the aisles snapping up those last-minute Christmassy poinsettias and inflatable Santa sleighs.

Personally we’ll be making a special visit to snap one up. If we happen to sling a bucket of Christmas lights in the trolley while we’re there, so be it.

Tiny buns!

The Bunnings Building Block Warehouse set includes everything you need to make your own pint-sized Bunnings Warehouse.

Bunnings Building Block Warehouse

It is definitely the perfect project to tackle on Boxing Day or after Christmas lunch and may even stop Uncle Mervin and Aunty Joan boozily squabbling over who gets the last spoonful of trifle*.

*Not guaranteed.

Also if you’re wondering whether the set has teeny-tiny sausages to furnish the sausage sizzle, you’ll be thrilled to know the answer is YES!! #TinyBuns

(Okay scale-wise they are actually kind of giant compared to the Bunnings building, but we’re keen to ignore that so we can keep saying ‘tiny buns’.)

Bunnings Building Block Warehouse

The set “is only available at Bunnings, with limited stock,” 7News reports.

We couldn’t find it online, so we suspect you have to do a Bunnings run to snap one up. Why not treat yourself to a sausage while you’re there? Just to keep your festive strength up.

Check the set out in this excellent unboxing video courtesy of YouTubers beyond gadgets below:



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