10 (secret) reasons all parents love Bunnings

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Did you catch that story about the Perth mum who hosted a Bunnings party for her four-year-old son?

It was a complete delight to read, but also a bit of a risk – she almost gave away all the secrets about Bunnings!

The biggest secret, of course, being that Bunnings is basically a weekend haven for parents. Not only can you kill some time there, but you can also feed your children, and perhaps pick up something very useful that you might actually need. It beats the craziness of a Westfield playground any stifling hot day of the week.

Ten secret reasons parents love Bunnings

1. Massive aisles and lots of them

Unlike the supermarket, the aisles in Bunnings are made for little people to zoom up and down them. They’re wide, long and seemingly endless with about 12 to choose from!

2. Those mini trolleys for kids

Both our boys clocked the trolleys around the 2-year-old mark. And a trip to Bunnings has never been the same. Sure, they throw stuff in as they race along said aisles, but you can put it back. In terms of keeping them amused? Worth their weight in gold.

3. Food! (The kind kids eat)

What kid won’t eat a sausage in white bread covered in sauce? Not many. Call it lunch or dinner and at $2 a pop! Winning. 

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4. The playground

At our local Bunnings, the playground is right at the back of the store which makes it easy to kind of cruise around with one of you standing watch. Coffee in hand because the coffee place is right next to it.

5. You can buy coffee there

The café is inside and it opens at 7am. Need we say more?

6. It’s not hard to get a carpark

You drive in and you park. There’s very little waiting around or paying for spending too much time inside. In and out. Simple!

7.  The cheap straw sun hats

Kids wear them because they’re from Bunnings! And they cover everything from their face to the back of the neck and top of shoulders. Triple win! 

8. Practical presents (or bribes)

Just say your arm has been twisted and you’re forced to buy something – at least you know its practical! Like the tiny buckets and spades or rake. Write it off as educational, and you’re on your way.

9. School holiday activities

A friend raved about the colouring-in morning her kids did at Bunnings over Christmas and at our local Bunnings, there’s usually something for the kids to do in the play area, most weekends. 

10. You get what you came for 

Being the most practical shop on the planet, there’s not a lot of room for error when you spend some time at Bunnings. You leave with what you intended to come for, and the kids have had fun and probably something to eat, too. 

Hooray for you, Bunnings. 

Making weekends better for parents with young children from 7am. 


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