Hatchibabies are the hot new toy on every kiddo’s wish list

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Remember the time cute Hatchimals ruined Christmas for (some grumpy) people? Well, this year the Hatchimals folk bring us Hatchibabies, an all new sized-up eggy toy that conceals a sweet critter inside its shell.

Hatchibabies mania!

Set to hit stores on 5 October, these Hatchibabies take hatching your own li’l buddy to a whole new level.

Their sibling toy, Hatchimals, sold out super quickly last year with people snapping them up and creating a sort of eBay and Gumtree black market which pushed resale prices up just as quickly.

Hatchimals 2018  

Hatchibabies are cute toys tucked into a giant speckled egg and will hatch either a baby boy or girl toy.

There are also exciting “secret compartments” within in these speckled eggs containing something mysterious and cool that offers “even more play opportunities” according to its creators, Spin Master.

(These “play opportunities” look to be a sort of playset lining with some little accessories and buddies for the bigger Hatchibabies toy.)

Some websites are taking preorders for these toys now, and they retail for around US$60. They’re guaranteed to be this year’s Christmas heartbreaker we think, so get in quick if you fancy one for your child and don’t want to miss out.

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