Kate Ritchie shares the special thing she does with daughter Mae each day

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In a super cute Instagram post, mum of one Kate Ritchie has shared what she loves most about reading to her little girl – and she is so all of us!  

“I love the quiet and close time together”

As well as loving the “quiet and close times together,” which cuddling up to read to her three-year-old daughter Mae brings (best!), Kate reveals that she also cherishes the many other rich benefits that reading gives her daughter.

As Kate points out, reading to Mae inspires empathy, curiosity and helps her daughter to develop problem-solving skills, while also giving both mum and preschooler some great “imaginative adventures” – and we couldn’t agree more!

“It gets all our creative juices flowing,” she confirms in the post which features Mae’s favourite book (at the moment!) – The Last Peach. 

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Lucky Mae

We think Mae, whose dad is St George Illawarra Dragons player, Stuart Webb, is super lucky to have such a beautiful mum who loves reading to her every day.

It isn’t the first photo she has shared of late either that shows how much Kate just enjoys being a mum and seeing the world through her daughter’s eyes.

An ode to story time

The book time post struck a chord with Kate’s fans who were quick to comment that they also love the precious moments they spend with their kids at #storytime and share their fave tales.

“We love reading! My 2-year-old recites pages/ rhymes from favourite books whilst wandering at the shops, the park – anywhere! Perhaps a sign to mix it up a little more!” one follower mused.

“My favourite post!!!” another wrote. “We love reading and I love the stories that come out of my little Zoe’s mind and mouth. It’s entertaining for the both of us and such a lovely bonding experience. She constantly surprise’s me with her ability to interpret the illustrations into her own story and remember and rephrase my story telling. It’s magical. We are loving #thethreelittlepigs #thegruffalo #theitchybear #hushlittlepossum #thejollypostman and of course #ijustcouldntwaittomeetyou”

Story stillness

As a mum to two busy boys, I especially love the stillness that book time brings to my household. There’s nothing I love more than snuggling their little bodies into mine and losing ourselves in a story for a bit of quiet time. 

Reading is incredibly bonding, I find, but it is also educational on so many different levels. When we read to our kids we are teaching them not only about literacy and the words on the page, but what they are saying. Through stories, our little ones learn about their world and even a world that only their imaginations can take them to. They learn about how the characters feel, react or chose to navigate a situation. 

For us, it doesn’t matter what we read, although there are always the flavour of the month books that get more of “a turn,” as my littlest like to say, but each book delivers something special.

Like Kate, I’m also a fan of #storytime. And I bet most parents are too. 


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