The family app pro-parents Jools and Jamie Oliver can’t live without

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Jamie and Jools Oliver are mum and dad to 16-year-old Poppy, 15-year-old Daisy, 9-year-old Petal, 7-year-old Buddy and 2-year-old River Rocket – and the celebrity chef just opened up about how the family keeps a handle on everyone in their ranks. Spoiler alert: It’s all down to an app!

“They can check on me too”

Any parent of older children will have anxious feels about their whereabouts, at least some of the time. Jamie and Jools say they’ve managed to have more peace of mind, with a wee bit of help from technology and their handy dandy smartphones.

“We used an app to keep track of our kids’ whereabouts,” Jamie recently told Woman magazine. “The older girls, Jools and I are all on an app called Life360, which means we can see exactly where everybody is and the route they’ve gone.”

“So if one of the girls says, ‘I’m going to Camden Town’ and I can see they’ve gone to Reading,” Jamie explains, “then we have a problem.”

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This clever app not only helps this busy mum and dad locate their kids with a quick swipe or two, it goes both ways because their older daughters can see exactly where their parents are too!

“They can check on me, too, and see how fast I’m driving. It’s brilliant.”

(Life360 tracks users’ location on a map and can send alerts when they arrive and/or leave home.)

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Apps and snacks

This pro app reveal is the latest in a series of glimpses Jamie’s given us into his family’s life.

He recently told Hello! Magazine that soft drink was outlawed in the Oliver home, but admitted that if his kids find themselves tucking into burgers at McDonalds, it’s not the end of the world (although his burgers are better, obviously!)

Advising other mums and dads to not go TOO over the top with foodie rules for their kids, Jamie said balance, excellent good food modelling and ongoing education were the key to excellent eaters.

“I am kind of relaxed but if you were to say, ‘Oh I saw Daisy hanging out at Maccy D’s.’ I personally wouldn’t be upset because I know at home, we largely give her only good options,” he told Hello!



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