“All the negative BS” – Khloé Kardashian talks about the trolling of baby True

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Kylie Jenner’s just appeared on the cover of Glamour Magazine, and the mag managed to wrangle a chat with her sister Khloé in a sort of new mum package deal. 

Facing a lifetime of being trolled?

Khloé cut right to the chase, revealing how daunting managing her baby girl’s future mental health and self-esteem seems. She also shared some thoughts on navigating pregnancy alongside her younger sister.

Khloé’s five-month-old baby daughter True has already been a favourite target for social media trolls, but over the weekend a bunch of racist lunatics decided that no criticism of this innocent little girl was off limits. In fact, many began asserting that baby True’s skin was the wrong colour, a whole new low, even for mouth breathers.

Following this incident, Khloé switched off comments on her most recent Instagram photo of True, and it may signal a more aggressive approach to protecting her daughter from the dumpster fire that the internet can be.

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“I feel a bit overwhelmed for my daughter already”

Speaking to Glamour – obviously long before this week’s terrible trolling – Khloé said she’s already finding keeping True safe from nasty people super difficult.

“I feel a bit overwhelmed for my daughter already,” she said. “Gosh all the things I am going to have to control and filter out of her life, all the negative BS I didn’t have to deal with at those fundamental evolving ages, and that’s something I worry about.”

Khloé says watching her younger sisters deal with relentless criticism gives her hope that True will emerge stronger than ever, despite potentially being the target of a lifetime of negative commentary.

“Kendall and Kylie, they have done such a great job and I feel really good about the way they have grown,” Khloé says.

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? My sweet little mama ?

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“It’s the best thing ever”

And speaking of Kylie, Khloé says that while experiencing their first pregnancies together was unexpected, it was … freaking brilliant!

“Never in a million years did I think that Kylie and I would be pregnant together at the same time,” Khloé admits.

“Honestly, it’s the best thing ever because she was three months ahead of me so every time she would feel something, she would tell me about it and if I felt a certain way, I could tell her about it because she had gone through it a couple of months before me.”

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The cutest ever triple threat

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Khloé all gave birth within a four-month period at the start of 2018. Kim’s baby Chicago was born via gestational carrier on 15 January. Kylie’s daughter Stormi was born on 1 February and Khloé’s True arrived on 12 April.

Khloé says it’s been an amazing and bonding set of circumstances for both the mums and the babies.

“It was so special and even now having Chicago, Stormi and True be cousins so close together in age is the coolest thing ever and I hope they grow up almost like triplets.”

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? The Triplets ?

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