Hands in the air! This VERY adorable new Wiggles toy is selling out fast

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You may already know that we are very HUGE fans of Emma the yellow Wiggle, but we’ve decided she’s coming equal first place in our hearts with this other Wiggly fella!

Hands in the air, rock-a-bye your bear

It’s Rock-A-Bye Bear! A very musical and squishy pal who wants to sing you a song, while you cuddle him. Oh … No … We meant to say your child can cuddle him, but honestly you’re going to find him hard to resist too.

“Musical Rock-A-Bye Bear! Plays your favourite Wiggles song so you can cuddle and sing along. Coming soon …” The Wiggles posted on Facebook, announcing this toy is on the way. Not soon enough, genius Wiggles merchandise designers! #Gimme #BecauseSoCute

It seems we’re not the only ones who are besotted by this snuggly singing bear. There are thousands upon thousands of comments on the beary cute Facebook post, with parents already desperate to get their hands on this little guy.

? Musical Rock-A-Bye Bear! ? Plays your favourite Wiggles song so you can cuddle and sing along. Coming soon…

Posted by The Wiggles on Monday, 4 June 2018

Bear’s now asleep, sh, sh, sh!

This bear not only looks lovely, and sings … he sings your very favourite Wiggles song – Rock-A-Bye-Bear – with a simple squeeze of his cute bear paw.

He retails for $24.99 – and preorders are selling out super speedily.

The ABC Shop now has a preorder available for their SECOND August shipment. An earlier June delivery – due to hit stores on the 15th of this month – is already SOLD OUT with the store saying the demand was “overwhelming”.

Hopefully this little guy isn’t falling prey to resellers and destined for bonkers inflated $200+ price tags on eBay, but time will tell. If you see one, snap him up!

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