Dollhouses are helpfully portable now, so we’re guessing your child wants in!

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We actually spotted the adorable Holdie House over on the Frankie Magazine blog, and we knew you’d be as into it as we are!

Tote your toys

A dollhouse is the perfect toy for encouraging creative play in a cutely structured form, and we know how vital this sort of role play hijinks is for wee imaginations.

Dollhouses encourage language development and help children to understand where they fit in the world, and also the lives of those around them.

This cute portable dollhouse by Holdie steps things up by taking this important ‘let’s pretend’ on the road – be it on holidays, to a playdate or even a long family function.

Ingeniously, it clips neatly and securely closed so you can take tiny furniture and little people wherever you go – and keep your own little people happy and occupied.

Light, durable, stylish

This stylish, minimalist dollhouse is incredibly light weight  – a paltry 1.5kg – and designed to be carried by children. It’s made from birch hardwood – meaning it’s built to last – and features vintage-inspired latches and vegan handles. 

The Holdie House portable dollhouse is recommended for children aged three and over and is sure to provide many happy hours of play for lucky kiddos.

The Holdie House retails for $119 and you can snap one up at Ollie Ella (who also have after pay to soften the budgeting blow!)

Holdie House Holdie House

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