The Palace steps in to stop the future trolling of Meghan and Harry’s newborn

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Naw. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are set to welcome their highly anticipated first baby and things are falling into place ahead of his important arrival.

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The Duke of Sussex visited the Scar Free Foundation’s new centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital — which will support the creation of bespoke psychological interventions to help veterans and their families adjust to living with an altered appearance such as physical scarring or limb loss. More than 6,000 members of the British armed forces have been seriously injured or scarred in recent conflicts. The Scar Free Foundation centre’s new study UNITS (Understanding Needs and Interventions for the Treatment of Scarring), will involve over 200 veterans from recent operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and aims to better understand and address the psychological needs of military personnel affected by appearance altering conflict wounds.

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The royal nest

Meghan had her first baby shower in New York the week before last, with a second show expected to happen some time this month in the UK.

The palace have readied the social media accounts for the tiny one’s first appearance implementing a new troll-fighting strategy to minimise abuse at what should be a happy time.

The palace have also issued a rare denial over reports that Meghan wanted to raise her baby as “gender fluid”. Vanity Fair ran the story – which was untrue – adding fuel to the fire as trolls looked for new reasons to abuse Meghan. A palace spokesman said: “This story is totally false.”

As expected (by me!) Harry and Meghan, Kate and William then made a rare appearance together yesterday in a show of solidarity, knocking those rumours that the family are squabbling on the head.

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A harder line

It’s clear that the royal minders are taking a far more proactive approach to managing their public image ahead of the newest little royal’s impending birth.

They had to have been anticipating an escalation in nastiness and these very decisive moves will hopefully stop that in its tracks.

An extra-cute appearance by Harry yesterday was further proof of that and provided some brilliant photos – perhaps in the hopes of raising the tone of royal commentary and sparking much more wholesome chatter.

It’s hard to understand why some social media users think that trolling Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate is appropriate behaviour. The younger royals – George, Charlotte and Louis – have been on the receiving end of inappropriate and cruel comments too.

Harry and Baby

Onward and upward

This harder line could not have come at a better time, with many in fact noting it should have come much sooner. 

Meghan and Kate have been dealing with this online abuse for years now with the comments sections of the royal social media accounts descending into some kind of troll mosh pit.

Nobody should be the target of so much hate, least of all mums of small children, actual small children and pregnant ladies.


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