Too posh to push?! Cybex’s fancy new electric pram will do it for you

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Makers of luxury prams Cybex have come up with a brilliant new stroller that makes pushing your baby a breeze.

Supercharge your pram!

The Cybex e-PRIAM has a frame loaded with smart features and an electric motor on board. Amazing!

You can turn the motor on via a switch on the back axle of the pram and it’s powered by a battery in the handlebar.

The stroller makes going up hills easier, monitoring the pushing effort needed and providing a boost via the onboard motor if you choose.

The smart technology in the e-PRIAM also slows the pram when it’s going down a slope and adjusts the stroller speed for optimal ride and safety.

What a genius idea and gosh who wouldn’t want a little extra help from that whisper-quiet motor? Especially after a sleepless night or three!

Power it up or down

Like the regular PRIAM, this stroller works brilliantly on a bunch of different terrains. Sand, bumpy roads and snowy streets are all a breeze for this excellent set of wheels.

The pram can be charged by simply plugging it in and a battery light indicator on the pram shows how much power is left when you are out and about.

You can also buy back-up batteries to tuck in the basket, just in case you run out of juice and can’t be bothered to push your bub.

Cybex ePriam

If you don’t turn the pram on, it operates just like a normal stroller. Same deal if the battery runs out, it just reverts to a non-powered pram.

This pram makes getting out with your baby even more effortless and would be particularly useful for parents who have health challenges (hello c-section recovery) or a disability.

Brilliant work, Cybex!

It’s apparently set to retail for around $2,000. You can read more about this amazing stroller at Cybex’s website.

Cybex Epriam


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