The 50 most popular Disney songs, according to Spotify

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Disney has been bringing the classic songs to go with their movies for many many years. 

However, trying to determine which Disney song is ‘the best’ could see the world locked in a bitter feud for the rest of eternity. In saying that, we can all agree that one song must reign supreme as the most listened to song on Spotify – and that’s high praise in itself.

Thankfully, a new study by Play Like Mum has done the hard work for us (and saved us a heap of time collecting data on Spotify) by revealing the top songs according to the number of listens.

Without further ado, we give you Spotify’s Top 10 Disney jams:

  1. ‘Let It Go’ – Frozen – 298 million
  2. ‘How Far I’ll Go’ – Moana – 205 million
  3. ‘You’re Welcome’ – Moana – 181 million
  4. ‘Life Is A Highway’ – Cars – 153 million
  5. ‘Beauty And The Beast’ – Beauty And The Beast (2017) – 148 million
  6. ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ – Tarzan – 132 million
  7. ‘A Whole New World’ – Aladdin – 121 million
  8. ‘Try Everything’ – Zootopia – 119 million
  9. ‘Love Is An Open Door’ – Frozen – 113 million
  10. ‘Under The Sea’ – The Little Mermaid – 109 million

But wait …

There are some holes in this important data that should be addressed before we all start touting ‘Let It Go’ as the most popular Disney tune of all time (although 298 million listens is mighty impressive):

1) Spotify launched in 2008 … All those years where we were fanatical about Beauty and the BeastAladdin and The Lion King have been swept under the rug.

2) WHERE IS THE LION KING?! It has a whole soundtrack by Elton John and Tim Rice?! More people need to get on Spotify and spam listen to that soundtrack ASAP.

Check out the longer list

Ahhh, forgive my biased Lion King meltdown … if we extend the list out to the Top 20 it does get a whole lot more love (four inclusions, to be precise):

11. ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Be King’ – The Lion King – 106 million 
12. ‘Hakuna Matata’ – The Lion King – 95 million
13. ‘We Know The Way’ – Moana – 93 million
14. ‘I See The Light’ – Tangled – 93 million
15. ‘Where You Are’ – Moana – 92 million
16. ‘Circle Of Life’ – The Lion King – 90 million
17. ‘Part Of Your World’ – The Little Mermaid – 89 million
18. ‘Oo-de-lally’ – Robin Hood – 88 million
19. ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ – The Lion King – 83.5 million
20. ‘I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)’ – Hercules – 83 million

Check out the whole Top 50 list here.

The takeaways?

1) ‘Let It Go’ is an undisputed earworm that children will never be able to dislodge from their memories.

2) People freaking love the Moana soundtrack (justifiably).

3) Go listen to more Disney. These songs are all superb!

Are you surprised by any of the results?

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