These awesome nappy bins come in 16 different colours

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If you’re bummed out by the ho-hum nappy bins currently on the market, then this range from nursery supplier Ubbi is totally going to make your day.

Ubbi nappy bins

In fact, not only will it make your day, according to parents who bought this bin it’ll make your whole year for a bunch of different reasons. For instance …

  1. It has an award-winning design
    The Ubbi bin has won a bunch of awards because it does the job at hand stylishly and efficiently.
  2. It locks in stinky pant smell
    The rubber-rimmed and airtight steel design is not porous like plastic bins, meaning it locks in odours. 
  3. It’s safe to use around kids
    A slow-close lid and child safety lock prevents little people from accidental injuries.
  4. It has an impressively large capacity
    The Ubbi bin holds 55 newborn nappies or 20 of the largest size pull-ups.
  5. It doesn’t need special liners
    You can use regular tall kitchen bin bags with the Ubbi bin.
  6. It comes in all of the pretty colours
    This oval-shaped bin comes in a whopping sixteen different colours. That’s something to suit every nursery decor.

Ubbi nappy bins

“No smell in the room”

“Since it is made of metal it holds the smell in,” an Ubbi fan posted. “I have put some really gross smelling diapers in there and there is still no smell in the room. And this product using ordinary trash bags, which saves tons of money!”

“We’ve been using this for two years and it’s one of those baby products that we can’t live without. It doesn’t require a special bag,” another reviewer posted. “You could probably use one half the size, but I never bothered looking for another type. It does smell if we keep the lid open, but when it’s shut, you can’t smell anything.”

Ubbi nappy bins

The Ubbi Diaper Pail – or nappy bin, as we like to say in Australia – is currently selling for $110 on Amazon

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