The gift royal baby Archie did NOT just receive (despite widespread reports!)

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While it’s being widely reported that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s new baby was given a very extravagant gift, it turns out that’s simply not the case.

That said, the rumoured gift – a Tiffany bubble blower – is a pretty bonkers heirloom to tuck away. The bubble blower – which is made from sterling silver and features Tiffany blue accents – was supposed to have been gifted to wee Archie by Meghan’s buddy, actor Priyanka Chopra.

Other alleged gifts from Priyanka and her hubby Nick Jonas (as reported by The Sun) were also sourced from the famous jeweller.

“The generous pair picked out a number of baby gifts from posh jewellers Tiffany,” The Sun insisted.

But Priyanka took to Twitter to clear things up explaining that as lovely as the gifts sound, they never happened and that she went to London for work, not to give Archie presents.

“While these are great gift ideas … this story is untrue, and I was actually in town for work. I hope whoever this “source” is starts checking their facts more often,” Priyanka – who attended Meg and Harry’s wedding last year – wrote.

Breakfast with Tiffany’s?

We agree that these are pretty amazing gifts, and what better time to delve a little deeper into the Tiffany baby range than right this minute?!

First up, the infamous bubble blower. A snip at $358. #coughs

Tiffany bubble blower

Next? How about a fork and spoon set? The set retails for $466 so eat up kids and make the most of the investment!

Tiffany Fork and Spoon

This bean-shaped baby brush for your little sprout? This is $270. Yup. Perfect for the silkiest baby tresses but it looks like there is a waiting list at the mo.

Tiffany Bean baby brush

And how about popping your kiddo’s smoothie in a pretty heart-handled baby cup? This one retails for $574.

Baby mug from Tiffany

And who could resist this Return To Tiffany Love Bear?! So cute! He’s a tick under $600.

Tiffany Steiff Bear

That’s all very fancy, isn’t it?

Nice to know what the rich kids are unwrapping at their naming days and christenings! 


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