Brrr: Why winter swimming lessons are so important for your kids

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Swimming lessons provide a fantastic opportunity for dads to jump in the water and bond with their kids.

It may be cold outside, but winter is the perfect time to head to the pool and ensure your kids are learning the essential skills they will need when summer arrives. Not only that, but swimming lessons also provide a wonderful opportunity for quality bonding time, especially for dads, who may not receive as much skin-to-skin contact at home. Besides, there are fewer possibilities for outdoor play during the colder months, so why not avoid cabin fever and too much screen time – and get active at your local indoor pool?

Dad time

That’s exactly why Kingswim Ambassador, Adam Dovile has recently enrolled his daughters Ruby and Arabella in swimming lessons. Spending quality time with his girls and being a hands-on dad is what’s most important to him. So now his girls are learning lifesaving skills and water safety, while he has the perfect opportunity for some father-and-daughter bonding.

”As a family, we typically spend a lot of time outside, and time with the kids is largely outdoor activities like gardening and building, which can get pretty restricted in this weather,” Adam says. ”I’ve found the girls’ swimming lessons are the perfect chance to keep up our time together. Particularly at this young age, being able to get in the water and take part with them is a lot of fun.”

And Adam is not alone. Kingswim has noticed many dads jumping at the chance to get in the water to enjoy this bonding time with their kids. With busy lives and schedules, it’s one of the few times where you completely engage in one-on-one time and give your child absolute focus.

Six really good reasons why swimming is so good for you

1. Boosts immunity

Swimming through winter can improve a child’s immune system by keeping them fit and healthy, reducing their risk of catching a cold.

2.  Share quality time

Swimming provides the perfect opportunity for family time when other activities may be limited. With young children, parents can take part in the lesson and achieve that crucial skin-to-skin bonding time.

3. Stay active

Swimming is a great way to cure rainy day cabin fever and keep energy levels maintained indoors. It’s also an affordable alternative to other winter sports and one that is not affected by the weather.

4. Brain power

Swimming has been proven to assist in brain development and for school-aged children, can assist with the development of academic performance, as well as coordination, motor skills, balance and concentration.

5. Keep safe

Repetition is the key to long-term skill retention, so swimming year-round is the best way to ensure kids’ safety around water.

6. Good feeling 

Swimming not only releases endorphins but can also be extremely meditative. The focus on breathing and repetition can help with relaxation and block out distractions.


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