MultiMac child car seats – a travel revolution for large families

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Most modern cars can capably accommodate families with one or two kids, but things start to get a little squashy when number three arrives on the scene. As for four… well, goodbye car and hello industrial scale people mover. If you’d like to avoid switching your sleek ride for a seven seater pseudo-bus, you just have to take a look at this.

multimac 2

It’s all to the genius of this man. MultiMac founder Kevin Macliver had his fourth child and envisaged a better solution than driving around in a slightly streamlined tank with kids packed snugly in the boot.

He designed a system that lets you keep your current car, but accommodate an extra child aged up to 12 in the back seat. The MultiMac multiple car seat turns a regular five seater car into a six seater, without putting seats in the boot. It’s also more stylish and safer than most car seats – exceeding the latest European safety standards.

The rigorously tested MultiMac consists of either four or three seater options that fit comfortably in the back seat of any car. It sits on top of the existing seat and is secured using the adult rear seatbelt mountings and a pair of metal legs resting on the floor. Families can accommodate an extra child without upgrading to a larger car, sitting kids in the boot or losing boot storage space. Plus, forget having to upgrade seats as kids grow – with accessories like headrests or rear-facing MiniMac cradle seats for babies, the seats can be adapted to suit different heights. Massive win on all counts!

For those of you with stylish cars, you’ll be glad to hear that MultiMac will even upholster your seats to match your car. (Although I’m not racing to have our crumb-laden fabric replicated throughout the whole car.) The only problem might be that after buying the MultiMac, the rest of the car might need an upgrade to match the stylish new seats. Oh dear, looks like a new car might be on the menu after all!

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Unfortunately, our child restraint laws mean this product is not yet available in Australia. But stay tuned to the MultiMac Facebook page as they have applied for approval and will issue updates as they become available. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take too long! MultiMac is currently available in the UK, from £1499 for the basic seat package. Head rests and accessories are extra.


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