Two-ingredient banana pancake recipe

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When babies start on solids you want the most simple of foods – easy to prepare and not too complex for developing bellies and gut systems. You can whip up these two-ingredient pancakes in a matter of minutes and they taste delicious!

Starting solids can be so daunting, we are told to introduce one food at a time, to set regular eating times, to puree not mash, or is it mash and then puree? Honestly, when it came to giving my girl her first solids I just turned to simple recipes that contained as few ingredients as possible.



These banana pancakes became a favourite in our house for both mum and bub. You can throw them together quickly before heading out the door and they were a smash hit at my parent’s group where the kids had a variety of dietary requirements and allergies.


Eggs (two eggs for every one med-large sized banana)

Optional extras:

Coconut oil


  • Mash banana(s) in a bowl
  • Add eggs, remember your ratio is two eggs for every one medium sized banana. The eggs are there to act as a binding agent rather than to add flavour.
  • Beat your mix with a whisk, or for super fast results you can use a blender. Note: your mixture will be runnier than a regular pancake mix.
  • At this point you can add any extras you desire: a dash of cinnamon, a dollop of coconut oil, or maybe some berries? There is lots of room for creativity here.


  • Get your pan going to a medium heat. Add a bit of butter for an extra golden shine
  • Spoon small dollops of your mixture into the heated pan and flip them once you see bubbles form around the edges
  • Stack up your baby pancakes and serve (make sure you let them cool a bit if your bub still has a mouth full of gums)

I used one large banana, two medium-sized eggs, and made about twelve mini pancakes. Another fun idea is to place your mix into metal cookie cutters so you get a mix of shapes.

I served my latest batch up with a spoonful of  yoghurt, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and some fresh blueberries. It made one little girl very happy indeed!


Do you have a recipe that’s a hit every time? We want to know about it! You can send us your favourite recipes, and while we can’t reply to each submission, we’ll certainly let you know if your recipe is chosen to be shared with the Babyology community. We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to seeing your culinary creations!

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