Amazing smart nappy system is here to tell you when to change your baby

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US baby care giant Pampers have just invented a special smart system that will tell you when your baby needs to be changed.

Meet Lumi!

The Lumi sensor connects to the Lumi by Pampers smartphone app which is designed to help parents track their baby’s nappy situation, sleep and even their feeding routine and the climate in their bedroom.

Basically it’s combining a nappy monitoring system with a baby monitoring system with the end goal of providing data that will be helpful to parents – and keep baby comfy.

The Lumi package comes with two packs of Lumi compatible nappies, two reusable activity sensors and a WiFi-connected video monitor.

This seems like a brilliant system, especially for new parents who are learning to care for their babies. It can tell them how many hours sleep a baby has had, how many nappy changes occurred that day (which provides clues about how much they are breastfeeding, if mums are nursing) and can even wake them up if their baby’s nappy is in dire need of a change.

What’s on board?

Pamper’s genius Lumi system features:

A wired HD Video Monitor that comes with wide-angle view, night vision capability, two-way audio and room temperature and humidity monitoring.

An activity sensor which tracks sleep, number of nappies and wetness of nappies.

The Lumi by Pampers App which tracks all the above data and provides parents – and health professionals – with insights on baby’s behaviour at a glance.

This product is launching in a few weeks in the US. No word yet on if this will be available in Australia, but what we DO know is that this is the beginning of a whole niche in nappies and baby care. Expect other brands to run with this idea too.

You can see more about the Lumi’s helpful features in the video below.



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