Kim Kardashian secretly replaces her daughter’s dead hamster with a new one

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If you’ve been following the story of Blacktail West – who is a ‘Fancy Bear’ hamster – you will know that the little critter was gifted to Kim Kardashian’s daughter North by her aunty Khloé.

Blacktail West

Blacktail was purchased by North and Khloé on a girls day out. North was mostly unimpressed by her aunty’s efforts to show her a good time on this particular day. So Khloé asked what would make her happy and North replied, “A hamster!”

The pair promptly went in search of said hamster, bought him and took him home in his little hamster castle, much to Kim’s disgust.

Khloé got a huge telling off for buying a pet as a gift and North beamed with satisfaction and cuddled her new little pet.

What happened next was the plot twist many parents may have anticipated. The hamster – for unknown reasons – passed away. Confirming this, Kim noted the hamster was “dead” and worried what North – who was at school when the departed hamster was discovered – would think.

“North is gonna be really, really upset,” Kim said in the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. “It’s just not fair. How do I go and explain this? What do I do?”

Sleepy hamster syndrome

Turns out she did explain it to North. But North refused to believe her, instead deciding the hamster was sleeping. She agreed that Kim should take her pet to the vet to get him checked out.

Kim said she would – wink wink – and enlisted Khloé’s help. The pair then visited every pet shop in the greater Los Angeles area, searching for a hamster that looked like the dearly departed Blacktail.

As luck would have it, they found a near-identical hamster, and after a discussion on how to spell ‘hamster’ – “does it have a ‘p’ in it?” – they bought the near-twin and took it home.

Blacktail Number Two passed himself off as a slightly more striped and much more active version of Blacktail Number One.

And everyone was very, very happy. Except for Kim because she hates hamsters. And also hampsters. 

The End.


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