Veteran aunty Khloé Kardashian makes surprising rookie mistake with North

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Khloé Kardashian has been an aunt for many, many years, but that didn’t stop her from making a monumental rookie mistake when she took her niece North out on her supposed dream limo ride.

If you’re a regular Kardashian news reader, you may know that Kim asked Khloé to be a cool aunty and fulfil one of five-year-old North’s bucket list experiences.

“Do you know that North is dying to go in a limo?” Kim asks her younger sister. “If there’s any way we could get a limo just for the day…”

Khloé is all in, but when she turns up at Chez Kardashian-West to pick up her niece in a black stretch limo, North is less than impressed.

The latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians tells the story, revealing that North wanted to ride in a WHITE UNICORN LIMO. In North’s eyes, Khloé’s limo choice was frankly a total bummer. #Whut?

No sugar-coating

Khloé then spends the entire day trying to impress her very deadpan niece.

North is so Kanye,” one fan observed on Twitter. “Dead honest. No sugar-coating.”

“Twins,” Kim responded.

As the ep rolls on, a bewildered and bemused Khloé finally asks North what would make her happy.

“Only if you get me a hamster,” is the little girl’s firm response.

Khloé complies, heading straight to a pet store, and North transforms from dark and moody to jumping-out-of-her-skin delighted. Hamsters will do that to some people.

“I needed this day to be memorable so I had to buy her something,” Khloé later explained cagily. “Money cannot buy love, but sometimes it can buy excitement and joy.”

Pets are not presents

The pair then head back to Kim and Kanye’s where North secrets the hamster away in her room (in its hamster home) and Khloé makes a clean getaway.

Later, North reveals the hamster to her mother Kim, and forces her to hold the lil furry guy.

Kim is not impressed and later in the episode gives Khloé a very good telling-off. When the episode aired, Kim took to Twitter to reinforce the pets-are-not-presents policy.

“Rule #1 Don’t buy other people pets,” she wrote in one tweet.

“This North and Khloe is not cool. I can’t believe Khloe let North talk her into getting a hamster,” she wrote in another.

Honestly, this is what aunts do,” another fan posted. “Pay her back with True!” she continued, suggesting Kim buy Khloé’s daughter True a surprise pet, perhaps when the little girl’s a titch older.

“Oh just wait,” Kim tweeted back, although we’re thinking that trusty “Rule #1” might just help her resist this payback urge.


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