Proud dad Kanye West shares clip of North singing from his new album

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Music and/or Kardashians fans will know that dad-of-three Kanye West dropped a brand new album over the weekend. But they might not know that yesterday, he tweeted the cutest clip of North shyly singing a track from Ye – accompanied by three sweet heart-eye emojis.

The newly evolved “Love Kanye”

It’s a development that might seem against type for the notorious rapper, but is really the latest in a series of “Love Kanye” moves. We’re witnessing a very public, very personal evolution with the star apparently keen to project candour and love – and encourage others to challenge everything.

In the (super adorable) video Kanye tweeted, North is also surprisingly playing against type. We usually see a pretty high fashion version of Kim and Kanye’s daughter, but here she is teetering in the back of a car, clutching a juice box, wearing a regular kid frock and coyly busting out her dad’s song.

“Make no mistake, I still love you,” North bleats in the clip. Well. She actually sings “Make no mith-take, I stiwww yuv yewwww ..!”  but you get the picture. It’s the chorus from No Mistakes, the fifth track on her dad’s (brilliant!) brand new seven track album.

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Keeping up

North visited her dad when he was recording Ye in Wyoming, so it’s fair to say that she’s heard this song plenty of times before Friday night’s official release. 

Kanye held a Wyoming-based listening party for his nearest and dearest, just hours before the album hit Spotify, and North’s mum Kim flew in to attend, hot on the heels of her much-talked about visit to the White House.

Many questioned Kim’s efforts and/or dismissed her audience with Donald Trump as ridiculous – because it was billed as “Kim Kardashian West talks prison reform with the President”.

In truth, Kim was at the White House to plead for the release of just one prisoner – Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old great-grandmother who was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1996.

Alice’s crime? A first-time, non-violent drug offence. 

It’s unclear if Kim’s work this week to help free Alice will be successful,  but what is very clear is that Kanye’s work has paid off.

His album is doing very, very well, hitting number one in at least 41 countries – including Australia and US. It’s also number one in North’s heart, of course.

“Make no mith-take, I stiwww yuv yewwww ..!” 

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