10 times a baby carrier can cleverly help parents get on with life

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The challenges of modern family life can escalate when there’s a baby in the house, but did you know a quality baby carrier can help save the day?

Not only can a baby carrier free up your hands so you can get other important work done, it will keep your baby snuggled close, making them feel more settled and secure.

The all-in-one, all position Ergobaby Omni 360 carrier is a great place to start if you’re shopping for a baby carrier. It’s super comfortable, stylish and adjusts to suit babies from newborn to 20kg, making it the perfect choice for busy mums, dads … and little ones too!

1. Cooking up a storm

The dreaded “witching hour” – that time when small children are notoriously cranky – usually falls around dinner time when parents are wrangling baby and feeding hungry mouths. Enter the baby carrier, which keeps little ones included in what’s unfolding and parents’ hands neatly free for meal prep. (Remember to keep clear of stoves and be careful with knives if you’re cooking up a storm with a baby on board.)

2. Easing a new baby into the family

Bringing a baby home is a jubilant occasion, but some little members of the family may long for the comfort of routines established before your new baby arrived. Tuck the newest member of the family into a baby carrier and free yourself up to carry on with the rituals and activities that help your toddler or preschooler feel secure.

Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier

3. Tidying up 

If the urge to tidy up or declutter your life seems at odds with your babe-in-arms then think again. It’s easy to get on with the chores while you’re wearing a baby carrier and your little one might even take that much needed nap while you’re on the industrious move.

4. Calming unsettled babies

Babies can be fractious for all kinds of reasons, and very often what they most want is … to be held! A baby carrier really comes into its own when its time to settle an unhappy bub. Snuggled close to a parent’s heartbeat, with familiar voices and smells surrounding them, a calmer state is almost irresistible to little ones.

5. Easier errands

Prams and strollers are brilliant when you’re out and about, but very often you want to hit the ground running and forget about navigating bumpy surfaces, narrow doorways and tight corners. A baby carrier ensures your hands are free and ready to concentrate on the errand at hand AND you’re super-nimble and streamlined as you get things done.

6. Breastfeeding-on-the-go

Many baby carriers are designed to allow mums to breastfeed as they wear them. Not only is this a godsend for busy mums, it’s a brilliant feature for hungry or irritable babies who really want a cuddle and a feed.

7. The school gate juggle

If you’re the type of mum who’s wrangling a child or two – and perhaps some playdate buddies – after school then a baby carrier is the answer to your prayers. Not only does it free hands up to carry precious artwork or cumbersome science projects, you can head to the park after school and have two hands (and a happily snuggled baby) at the ready for a push on the swings!

8. Catching up on podcasts or audio books

Start your own pop culture or literature routine and ensure you stay caught up with things that are meaningful to you! This mini self-care moment means your baby – tucked safely in their baby carrier – feels close to you and YOU get to listen to that bestseller or comedy show as you tend to your baby’s needs. Make this part of your routine and do it while you knock the chores over, or head out for some fresh air.

9. Wrangling public transport or other travel

If you feel a little nervous about managing your baby and stroller on public transport or at the airport, a baby carrier will totally save the day. Strap your baby in and you can navigate stairs and doors with much more ease – and you can always carry your compact stroller and pop your baby in once you’ve reached your destination.

10. Gentle postpartum workouts

Our favourite YouTube yoga instructor, Adrienne, says “a little goes a long way” and for mums who are taking those first stretches into movement post-bub this could not be more accurate. Try popping your baby into a baby carrier and doing some simple stretches or heading out for a gentle walk to get the blood flowing and ease back into life.

When it comes to nursery must-haves or baby shower wish lists, there’s ten brilliant reasons a baby carrier should be tip top of the pops!

This is a sponsored post for Ergobaby and the Omni 360 carrier.


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