Kim Kardashian under fire for North’s Sunday best outfit

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North West is the five-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and it’s fair to say that she’s marching to the beat of her own drum. #WhatCouldBeBetter?!

Sunday Service

Her famous mum could not be more proud of her preschooler daughter, very often sharing photos of her wee gal and praising her on social media.

Over the weekend North attended her dad’s Sunday Service – which in case you don’t know is a very musical church service that her dad holds every week.

“Her favourite part of the week is dancing during Sunday Service,” Kim posted on Twitter alongside a photo of North looking like she’s having the best time ever.

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Famous non-dancer Kim very often shares photos of North and her friends and these weekly events, but not everybody was happy about the little girl’s glam.

“Why so teenage looking?”

Quite a lot of people thought North should not be wearing make-up and was dressed inappropriately for her age.

“A child with a natural face is more beautiful and holy,” one ‘expert’ wrote. “It represents childhood because it shows innocence and the true.”

“Ummmmmm … She’s adorable but why so teenage looking?” someone else posted. “Just my opinion,” they added as though it made some kind of difference.

“They need to be taught some things are for adults,” another Twitter user asserted. “I know not everyone agrees but they need to learn to be comfortable in their skin before changing it in any way.”

“OK Kim…she’s looking a bit mature for her age and dancing quite sassy,” someone else posted.

“I’ll never look as good as North”

Thankfully other people realised that there is no harm in a cute outfit and a bit of lippy. Many wished they had half of North’s confidence (and dance moves!) Lots of people simply thought it was awesome that the family were part of a positive community gathering.

“Don’t think I’ll ever look as good as north tbh,” one commenter posted.

“She literally has more rhythm than me in that hip shake alone,” another wrote.

“This child has serious swag,” a follower declared and they’re honestly not wrong.

A show of respect?

And if you’re wondering why everyone’s dressed in black at Kanye’s church of hip hop we’re not sure. It seems that the congregation unite via a colour theme each week. Usually, they seem to wear white. 

One day before Kim and Khloé both tweeted about gun control in the wake of the Christchurch atrocity, so it may be that the congregation wore black in honour of the victims.

But that’s just one theory. It may simply have been an aesthetic choice.



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