Now people are talking about “mum bum” – give me a break!

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“The science behind a mum bum.” This is an actual headline on an actual news website.

A big pile of drivel

Don’t google it. Seriously. It’s a great big heaving pile of drivel.

This website dedicated a significant amount of words to why mums’ bums get flatter after giving birth, and how they can get it back to its full perky pre-baby beauty.

Here’s a newsflash for everyone. Having a baby changes your body because the woman, you know, grew a human inside her for nine months!!

In the article, poor old Pippa Middleton is singled out for losing her audacious rump just five months after having her baby. Because humans are apparently like elastic bands, snapping straight back to their original shape.  

Read more about mums:

Our bodies change because we change, as we age, as we have babies, and that should be a beautiful thing.

I am too old to have bought into the Kardashian image of big perky booty being the new beauty norm. When I heard about bum implants, I threw up in my mouth a little. The more we buy into one ideal of beauty, the more steps people will take to look the same.

I don’t know about you, but a bum implant sounds kinda painful. Chasing an impossible ideal of endless youth is helpful to no one.

“So what?”

Chezzi Denyer recently had her mum bum shamed by some paparazzi who took a photo of her on the beach with her family. The image was published in a few places with headlines like “Denyer’s beach break-up”, “Denyer’s embarrassing break”, “Chezzi Denyer’s overindulgent break”.

Chezzi took to Instagram to say how she felt about that photo.

“So what? I have a big, dimply arse. I honestly could recount the enjoyment in creating every single dimple. This photo represents the first time in ten years I lived in the moment and ignored any threat that a photo of my ‘unprepared’ beach body might be snapped.”

It’s never easy when our bodies change and we lose the litheness of youth, but my money is on Chezzi’s approach.

It’s time to give the finger to magazines and online sites and embrace the mum bum.

Let us celebrate everything they demonstrate about having babies, growing, blossoming and becoming the women we are meant to be.

Viva la mum bum!


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