Kim Kardashian asks Instagram to help name North’s new puppies

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If you are into Kardashian-type things, you might know that six-year-old North West, eldest child of Kim and Kanye, has a dog named Sushi. 

Puppy party

Sushi is a Pomeranian and Kim’s sister Kourtney got a matching dog – named Honey – at the same time.

Now the Kardashian-Wests have added to their puppy pack, with two new poms ready to keep Sushi company. 

The new puppies are fluffy and adorable, one is white and one is black. Kim shared photos of them on her Instagram account and asked for some help naming them.

It’s clear that this family is continuing their quest to come up with unconventional monikers, but also keen to stick to a theme.

“North came up with names that go with their other Pomeranian Sushi,” Kim explained.

“She wants white baby girl to be named Saké and the black baby boy either Soba (Noodle) or Soy Sauce. Please comment below any ideas you have!!!!” 

All the cute ideas

Kim’s fans had lots of ideas about potential puppy names, and shared them in the post’s Instagram comments:

“Coco and Chanel!”

“Salt and Pepper?”

“Yin and Yang!”

“Dim and Sum!”

“Saké and Nori!”

But others thought that the names North had come up with were perfect, with lots of debate over whether Soba should win over Soy.

“Saké and Soba are perfect!” one fan wrote.

“Soy!!!!!!!!! Stop debating!” Kim’s best friend Jonathan Cheban aka FoodGod demanded.

Rescue please

But others didn’t really want to name the puppies at all. Instead, they wanted to talk about why Kim had not sourced her dogs from a rescue service.

“I wish you had considered rescuing 2 dogs from euthanasia & educating people on the millions of dogs that get euthanized per day,” one follower posted.

“That would’ve been a great help for animals in need. There are plenty of pure breds that were once cute puppies (some still are) in need of homes. Please consider it in the future. Not sure where they are from, but ALL pet store dogs are from puppy mills no matter what anyone tells you. Please research.”

And one follower noted that it wasn’t too long ago that Kim didn’t want North to have a pet hamster.

“Kim freaked about the hamster Khloe got North, but now has 3 Poms okayyy.”



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