“Exhausted bliss” Alanis Morissette breastfeeds newborn in a very crowded bed

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Alanis Morisette gave birth to her third child Winter Mercy Morissette-Treadway on 8 August and has been updating fans on the family’s progress ever since.

Winter mornings

Late last week, she shared a particularly gorgeous photo of her family. It showed her hubby Mario “Souleye” Treadway, the couple’s eight-year-old son Ever and three-year-old daughter Onyx snuggled up in bed. 

An absolutely beaming Alanis is snuggled up too, wearing a dressing gown and breastfeeding baby Winter.

“Mornings. [Exhausted Bliss],” she captioned the photo which her 400,000+ followers responded to with delight.

“Love this so much!!! Way to go, mama,” one posted.

“There is so much beauty in reality,” another commented.

“You look so happy and that makes me happy,” someone else wrote.

The fourth trimester

Alanis has shared other photos detailing her recovery from pregnancy and birth, as well as her breastfeeding journey with Winter. She notes that the new parenting gig doesn’t always come naturally.

“Snug as a bug in a milky rug,” she captioned one adding the hashtag #notalwayseasypeasy.

Another more recent photo shows her feeding Winter as her hubby kisses the back of their baby’s head.

“The fourth trimester,” she wrote alongside it.

Alanis has previously dealt with bouts of postnatal depression, and it’s clear that she’s doing everything she can to stay well both physically and mentally. She shared that she was reading postpartum care book The First Forty Days and seems to be getting plenty of rest.

“Everything feels heavy”

Speaking to Self Magazine during her pregnancy earlier this year, Alanis explained a little more about her PND experience.

“For me I would just wake up and feel like I was covered in tar and it wasn’t the first time I’d experienced depression so I just thought Oh, well, this feels familiar, I’m depressed, I think,” Alanis said.

“And then simultaneously, my personal history of depression where it was so normalized for me to be in the quicksand, as I call it, or in the tar. It does feel like tar, like everything feels heavy.”
She told the mag that she waited way too long to get help after Ever and Onyx’s births and has enlisted those closest to her to keep watch for the early signs with this bub.

“This time I’m going to wait four minutes,” she told Self. “I have said to my friends, I want you to not necessarily go by the words I’m saying and as best as I can, I’ll try to be honest, but I can’t personally rely on the degree of honesty if I reference the last two experiences.”


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