The official trailer for Frozen 2 is here and we can’t wait for the movie!

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If your kids were into Frozen the first time around, no doubt they’re counting down the days until November 22, when the next icy chapter is set to shoot onto our screens.

In the meantime, the official Frozen 2 trailer has finally arrived and it’s more than enough to get everyone excited, not just the kids but also the parents who had to watch the first movie on repeat and listen to endless renditions of Let It Go.

Let go of the past

Luckily the movie promises a lot more “letting go”, but this time it’s something from the past.

The action-packed trailer quickly reveals a tale that was told to young Elsa and Anna by their father about a magical forest, a place where something went wrong in a flurry of purple flames that no one has been to since.

That is until Elsa hears a voice, follows the call and manages to find a way through the swirly mist into the hidden forest.

Arendelle is under threat

About 40 seconds into the trailer, we see that Arendelle is in grave danger – just like the magical forest in the story was. Similar purple flashes of smoke indicate that it might be the very same thing. Cue the fight to once again save the town.

Sisterly bond

The connection between Elsa and Anna seems to be as strong as ever. However, the inclusion of Anna’s comment, “You’ll always have me,” immediately suggests that this bond is possibly once again in serious danger.

We see Elsa bravely leaping over icy pillars, her hair flying free from her famous ‘Elsa braid’. But is she pushing the boundaries of her magic powers? The head troll seems to think so and says to Anna, “Without you, she may lose herself completely.”

Frozen 2 movie poster


What will happen?

There are plenty of big questions posed by the trailer. Who or what is behind the threat to Arendelle? What has to be “let go from the past?” Will Elsa save the day? Or will Anna? Will Elsa actually “lose herself”? And if she does, will Anna find her?

I’m guessing everything will probably work out but if the trailer is anything to go by, how this unfolds is bound to be an adventurous and fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants sort of ride.

We already love the characters, especially Olaf, who is back with his adorable and hilarious sense of comedy: “Quick question, is the whole ‘putting us in mortal danger’ going to be a regular thing?”

Kids (and parents) have already invested so much love and singing time into the plight of Elsa and Anna, it will be virtually impossible not to go and see what happens next. So, check out the trailer and get ready. It won’t be long before we can all “let it go’’ once again.


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