Kate Hudson would rather her 7-year-old babysit her new baby, not her teenager

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Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa’s baby girl was born on 2 October 2018 and the couple named her Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa – after Danny’s dad.

“My mate in the journey of Rani”

Rani is baby sister to Kate’s two sons, 15-year-old Ryder (whose dad is Chris Robinson) and seven-year-old Bingham (whose dad is Matt Belamy).

As you can see Kate’s children all have at least seven years between them age-wise, so she’s tackling a very wide variety of developmental stages. The mum-of-three says this provides its own challenges … and some excellent perks too.

“I kind of have two kids that I have to be super hands-on with,” Kate said in an interview with E!News this week. “Whereas Ryder’s my mate in the journey of Rani. He’s my little helper.”

“I think if you have a lot of kids under a certain age, it’s really crazy. Ryder is like—he’s got it. He’s good,” she continued. 

“He doesn’t need much from me right now except real support and being there for him, but he doesn’t need the same kind of nurturing as he did. It’s a different kind of nurturing.”

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“I will never let Ryder babysit”

Despite the fact that Ryder’s obviously besotted with his new sister, Kate says this doesn’t mean he’s ready for grown-up responsibilities like babysitting for his mum and stepdad. Confusingly she said she’d have her seven-year-old step up for those duties, if she had to choose.

“I will never let Ryder babysit,” she said. “I love my son, but he’s not babysitting. I’d probably let Bing babysit before I let Ryder babysit.”

Annoyingly E! News didn’t ask her to elaborate on why she’d prefer Bingham as a babysitter, but perhaps she simply means that she wants Ryder to have as much freedom as possible as he becomes more independent? Or perhaps she was kidding? It’s hard to know.

Ryder’s bond with Rani is undeniable. Last year he warmed hearts by sharing lots of photos of his baby sister on his Instagram account and Kate’s previously detailed just how helpful his extra (very loving) pair of hands have been.

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All the ages and stages

Last week Kate told the US Today program that she and Ryder have discussed the age span of his siblings at length.

“It’s quite amazing to watch, because it’s a completely different generation,” she pointed out. “[Ryder] looked at me and goes, ‘Mom, when I’m 30, she’s is going to be 16.’ That’s wild that I’ll have a 30-year-old kid and a child in high school.”

So will Kate and Danny be adding any more kiddos to their brood? Kate says she thought she was done with babies a couple of years ago, but then everything changed.

“I always thought I’d have four to six kids,” Kate explained. “Then I thought, ‘Oh, maybe I’m done.’ Then I met Danny and I was like, ‘All right, I have to pop them out for him.’ If it works out that way. He needs a boy, right? His own boy.”

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