15 memes that are actually brilliant new-parent life lessons

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So you have a baby on the way … congratulations! And brace yourself – life’s about to get hectic and very, very confusing.

Strap yourself in for this quick trip through the first year with a baby in the house – in memes!

Lesson 1: Beware the smug

So your bub’s sleeping well for the first week? Don’t get too smug …

Funny baby sleep chart meme

Credit: stolensleep.com

Yep, it doesn’t take long for your sleepy newborn to turn into a very, very NOT sleepy baby!

Lesson 2: Reality WILL set in …

And you’ll wonder what on earth you were thinking?!

How to calm a crying baby meme

Lesson 3: When someone wakes your sleeping baby, the rage is real …

You’ll go through hell just for a moment’s peace, and become THIS lady …

Baby sleeping note meme

Credit: Unknown

Waaaay too many of us relate HARD to this mama!

Lesson 4: There’s always one thing SURE to wake your sleeping babe …

And it’s not the noisy neighbours.

Things that wake a baby meme

Lesson 5: When they finally sleep through, you won’t sleep anyway …

It is known.

Check baby is breathing meme

Lesson 6: You might as well get used to it (you were warned, above!) …

You’ll sleep again, all right. But it won’t be the sleep you’re used to.

Parent sleep meme


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Lesson 7: Everyone makes things look much easier than they are

Just when you think, “I’ve got this!”, some little thing will put you right back in your place …

Baby wrap fail meme

Credit: Unknown

Lesson 8: Overwhelm happens

Things can definitely feel a little overwhelming – remember, asking for help is GOOD!

Postpartum cartoon meme

Credit: instagram.com/postpartumstress

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Lesson 9: Poo relief is a thing

You’ll be amazed at (and slightly weirded out about) the things that occupy your mind now …

Baby poo relief meme

Whether it’s your baby who hasn’t pooed for three days, or your toddler who simply refuses to use the potty or toilet, poo will be top-of-mind for quite some time in those early years.


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Lesson 10:  So many things look easy but actually aren’t!

Baby nails meme

PS: If you nip the tip of your bub’s finger, know that you are ABSOLUTELY NOT the only one who has done this! And yes, your baby will survive. You might also like to try one of these great products for clipping your bub’s nails.

Lesson 11: Your bub’s big boof-head is a weapon

And your nose is no match for it. The pain is eye-wateringly real. You have been warned.

Baby headbutt meme

Lesson 12: When teething happens, may god have mercy on your soul …

This is NOT the fun bit!

Funny teething chart meme

Lesson 13: Sibling rivalry will break your heart AND make you laugh

Just when you feel brave enough to do it all again, your first child will have other ideas …

Sibling betrayal meme

Credit: Unknown

If you’re at your wits’ end, here’s what you need to know about sibling rivalry.


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Lesson 14: It’s all about perspective …

As other kids come along, your standards drop and you learn that ‘whatever works’ is a very valid parenting technique.

Swaddling meme

Credit: facebook.com/badparentingmoments

Lesson 15: You have totally got this

But when it all feels completely overwhelming and you wonder what the hell you were thinking, remember this:

You're kind of a big deal meme

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