8 memes that explain toddlerhood perfectly

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Ah, toddlers. Can’t live with them; can’t live without them.

Living with a toddler is much like living in the eye of a tiny but very powerful (and erratic) storm – one minute, it’s all sunshine and happiness, and the next, the dark clouds start gathering and you know you have to batten down the hatches and prepare to be lashed by tears, drama and uncontrolled emotions.

Lucky we love them so much, right?!

Here are eight memes we think sum up everything you need to know about toddler wrangling:

1. The fussy eating

The ever-changing dietary habits of a toddler defy logic. So don’t try to understand them … just go with it and know that in the end, it all kinda works itself out.

Toddlers are fussy eaters

(image via Instagram)

2. The busy-ness

Toddlers are industrious little souls – particularly when they have a spare three minutes, are out of sight of a supervising adult and have a tube of toothpaste in their cute little hands.

Toddlers need supervision meme

(Image via Instagram)

3. The decision making

Toddlers are known for their ability to make smart choices quickly, right? Able to assess a situation, make a decision and move on at pace? WRONG! Toddlers live perpetually tormented by the fear that they are going to make the wrong choice. And it will be something they’ll regret forever. Well, at least until bed time.

toddler and apples meme

(Image via Instagram)

4. The learning through repetition

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing 14 bazillion times. Particularly if it’s going to slowly drive all loved ones demented.

Toddler and repetition meme

(Image via Instagram)

5. The need to match the outfit to the activity

It’s a well-known fact that toddlers can’t get all the benefits of playing in the sandpit unless they are wearing their specific sandpit-appropriate clothing. Ditto for eating sandwiches, playing with teddies, reading a book or just hanging out with Mum. Each activity requires a complete change of clothing and each piece of discarded clothing must be washed because it’s ‘dirty’. Sounds totally reasonable to us.

toddler and laundry meme

(Image via Instagram)

6. The supersonic hearing

A toddler’s superpower lies in their incredible hearing – which, even more amazingly, they can choose to turn on and off at whim.

Toddler hearing meme

(Image via Instagram)

7.  The need to have things just-so

Sure, toddlers might not be so fussed about their own personal hygiene and cleanliness but just TRY and sweep their toys into a cupboard willy-nilly and watch all hell break loose. There is order in this chaos, and everything has its special place and only they know what goes where. So back off, parents!

Toddler OCD meme

(Image via Instagram)

8. The cuddles

But no matter what shenanigans they get up to each and every day, we love them. We love those little dimpled hands, that delicious smell of toddler-just-out-of-the-bath, and getting the very best cuddles we’ll ever have. Because cuddles given by a toddler are just about the best cuddles you’ll ever get.

Toddler meme

(Image via Mommyneedsanap)



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