9 memes that explain pregnancy in all its glory perfectly

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The moment you discover you’re pregnant is one you’ll never forget, surpassed only by the joy of holding your sweet freshly minted newborn in your arms that first time. Moments to cherish indeed.

But the nine months between those blessed moments? Not so much. Between the heartburn, the nausea, the restless legs and the ‘helpful’ comments and advice from loved ones, much of pregnancy can feel like you’re slogging through a marathon and the organisers are still debating on where to mark the finish line.

So to help you keep powering on, we’ve collected together nine of our favourite memes that capture all the pregnancy feels:

Behold the tiger stripes

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Forget about the cankles, the pregnancy acne, the linea nigra and the mask of pregnancy … they’re all temporary pregnancy enhancements. If you’re hoping to rock a permanent reminder of your nine months of being a pregnant goddess, you need to sign up for a generous serving of stretch marks. They’ll be with you for life no matter what you do.



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