16 hilarious memes that perfectly sum up parent life

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Have kids, they said. It will be fun, they said! Well, sometimes it is – but mostly it’s one very. hard. slog. And you’d better have a sense of humour, or I’m afraid the prognosis isn’t good for you, my friend. You might as well laugh, or you’ll cry!

These memes that sum up parent life perfectly should put a smile on your dial – at least you know you’re not alone!

1. When you’ve got nothin’ left in the tank:

2. When you wonder if you’ll ever sleep again …

3. When you get your weekly workout just getting the kids in the car …

Me after buckling kid into car seat

Credit: Unknown

4. When a kid-free trip to the shops counts as a holiday …

Sex is great but have you tried grocery shopping without the children?

5. When they siphon the will to live right out of you:

When you planned to do stuff after the kids fell asleep but now you're too tired

Credit: Real American Dadass

6. When your idea of a ‘good time’ is wayyyyy different to hubby’s:

Let's try something new in bed tonight

7. When you feel approximately seven decades older than you actually are …

Parenting isn't stressful at all - Jessica, age 27

8. When you get to ‘whatever’ o’clock:

I wasn't going to drink but it turns out I've got kids

9. When it’s FINALLY hubby’s turn:

When I see husband struggling with the kids I say 'welcome to my world'

10. When you ask yourself, “What even is the point?”:

Sorry, I neglected to make dinner for everyone else

Credit: Unknown

11. When you realise you might actually be raising animals:

Parenting small humans summed up in one photo

Credit: Unknown

12. When you know you’ll never (ever) be on time again:

Sorry I'm late, my kid was walking from the door to the car

13. When you just want five minutes alone:

Wife wanted five minutes alone, this was outside her door

Credit: Unknown

14. When you realise you can’t get away with anything, ever:

Kids can't remember where their shoes are but can always remember when you promised them lollies and didn't give them


15. When someone finds your hiding spot:

Dog hiding in bathtub from her puppies

Credit: Unknown

16. When you realise no one else knows what the hell they’re doing either:

Perfect parents do exist, but they don't have kids yet

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