Eight unexplainable mysteries of parenthood

Cheeky toddler poking out tongue

How is it possible to have seven Tupperware containers and no lids? Find the answer to this and eight other unexplainable mysteries of parenthood…

As parents, there are some things that cannot be explained. These every day mysteries can leave you confused, exhausted and baffled. The world is a bewildering place and these every day parenting mysteries just go to show that crazy things happen right in front of our eyes.

1. The bedtime bandit

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The problem: Your child has been yawning all day. He's too tired to eat dinner. He's too tired to have a bath. He's too tired to help clean his room. But at bedtime he's wide awake, bouncing off the walls and demanding 16 stories.

The theory: Children have two personalities living inside them. At 7pm the 'night child' comes out to play. And 'night child' doesn't sleep.

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