Snezana and Sam Wood adorably celebrate their 2-year-old’s birthday

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The Bachelor favourites Snezana and Sam Wood have just celebrated their daughter Willow’s birthday, throwing their little girl a very cute family party at home.

Happy Birthday Pillow!

The pair welcomed young Willow two years ago, after finding love on the popular reality show that’s seen a number of babies arrive over the last couple of years.

At the time of appearing on The Bachelor, Snezana was already mum to a daughter named Eve, and then (are you keeping up?!) this year they welcomed another daughter. They called that baby Charlie.

It seems that the outnumbered Sam can hardly believe his luck, and could not be more thrilled to find himself surrounded by this bunch of brilliant girls and women.

He’s also pretty gobsmacked at how quickly the months and years are zipping by.

“I cannot believe our little Pillow is 2,” he wrote in an emotional post on Instagram, sharing his adorable daughter’s pet name.

“You make us laugh all day, every day and I would cry once a week purely from being overwhelmed at how much I love you.”

“So much curiosity, personality and cheekiness. The best two years of my life. We LOVE you.”

“My little mouse”

Mum-of-three Snez shared her own birthday message flagging another cute nickname and a bunch of loving hashtags.

“Wooohooo Willow Pillow is 2!!!!” Snez wrote. “Love you with all my heart my ‘little mouse’!” #birthday #2ndbirthday #happiness #cutnessoverload #ourlittlepillow #loveyouwithallmyheart!

The couple shared a bunch of photos and videos showing Willow opening gifts, playing with her brand new doll’s pram and blowing out the candles on a very gorgeous cake.

Later on that morning Willow, baby sister Charlie, Sam and Snez headed to a TV studio to appear on a morning television program and mark this big milestone in a more public way.

Sam and Snez on telly

Willow is a mood

It’s fair to say that young Willow was not super keen with this turn of events, but she gave it her best shot.

Her mum and dad dealt with their daughter’s wriggly mood with good humour and pushed on regardless.

Congratulations to the Wood family on Willow’s special day, and on their growing gang.



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